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Seller Service Guarantee

We guarantee you will be happy with our services or you can exit the contract!

All parties acknowledge that this service is offered to the client with a “Service Guarantee,” meaning:

Trisha Cook and the Trisha Cook Team take pride in the services provided to their clients and do hereby guarantee satisfaction with said services. If at any time during the list period, the Client/s decide that they are unhappy with the services provided by Trisha Cook or any other member of The Trisha Cook Team, he/she will be released from contractual obligations of this agreement. Which means that we will allow any seller to terminate the listing agreement at any time during the listing process, providing that the following terms have been met:

a. Seller cannot be under contract or negotiating a contract when contract is terminated.

b. Protected period of 120 days shall remain, per section 7 of the listing agreement.

c. Seller agrees to compensate listing agent $795 to cover all fixed expenses associated with home such as all photography, salaries paid, staging expenses, MLS withdrawal fees, etc before the listing is terminated.

d. If service is ever an issue, seller agrees to talk with Trisha and give her 24 hours to remedy said service issues.